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Easter Treats

Easter treat boxes are here!

Choose from an assortment of boxes to fill Easter baskets or make your family gathering that much sweeter!

Assorted Dessert Boxes

  • Box includes:

    • 4 cupcakes

    • 4 Cadbury Egg cookies

    • 4 M&M brownies

    • 4 chocolate covered pretzels

    • 4 M&M rice krispie treats

    • assorted chocolate popcorn​​




 Dessert Eggs

Brookie Egg
20220325_132644 1.jpg

Brookie Egg

Brownie bits and chocolate chip cookie pieces inside a milk chocolate egg shell with chocolate ganache drizzle

**May also substitute edible cookie dough for cookie pieces ​​​


Biscoff Cheesecake Egg

Crumbly Biscoff biscuit layer under no-bake Biscoff cheesecake filling inside white chocolate egg shell



Cake Filled Egg

Chocolate and vanilla cake with buttercream frosting layers and assorted Easter candy toppings inside chocolate egg shell



Cookies & Cream

Cheesecake Egg

Crumbly Oreo cookie layer under no-bake cookies & cream cheesecake filling inside white chocolate egg shell




Breakable Candy Eggs


Easter Cupcakes


Medium sized chocolate egg filled with assortment of Easter candy and wooden mallet​​



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